Home Decor Trends To Follow in 2022

It is a thing of joy to go home to meet a lush, warm and calming atmosphere. It is a bonus if the house also has amazing decor.

We interact with our spaces a lot because it is where we perform our activities. The look of our personal spaces influences our day-to-day activities.

Homes with open spaces were trendy before COVID-19. People stopped following the trend because open spaces are not functional. An example is a kitchen and dining area in one space. The kitchen and dining room can not be used together without disrupting the formal workspace setup.

If the kitchen was separate from the dining room, one person can cook in the kitchen. While another person can work in the dining room. No one interferes with each other.

The pandemic period forced most people indoors. It propelled people to take a keen look at their homes. Due to this, they had to incorporate ‘work spaces’ into their homes. Last year, most employees largely preferred remote work.

This year, some top interior designers have given us some new trends. The designers highlight the characteristics a home decor must-have.

The new decorating trends are:

1. Decorating Materials Must Be Sustainable

Furnishings that will last longer and are sustainable are the incoming trends in 2022. The main focus now is on sustainability. This is to curtail the effects our ‘easy disposal’ of things have on our environment. Learning about eco-friendly materials and carefully selecting lasting tones is of great importance.

2. 3D Artful Look

People will be propelled towards artful looks, especially 3Ds. This is because they want their walls to be more intriguing and bright. Paintings decorated across the walls in various ways will be famous this year.

3. Space Awareness

The pandemic made us self-conscious of our homes. We became more aware of how these spaces affect our feelings and wellness. People are now decorating their spaces to suit their personalities, taste, and needs. This trend will be seen more in 2022.

4. Home Study Spaces

One of the reasons for having creative spaces is kids. The effects of pandemics have made schools resize their classrooms. They might opt for homeschooling. The parents or guardians establish rooms for the children in the house. They furnish the spaces with learning devices, internet connections, and play areas. These spaces can be modified for further study time in the future.

5. Going Back to Traditional Decors

Traditional Decors cannot vanish totally because some people get solace in using traditional materials. People need to connect with their relations or families. These feelings were brought on due to the lockdowns. Many people couldn’t visit their families and friends. These traditional materials make the homeowners feel nostalgic. Examples of these materials are Natural woods, Marbles, Linen, handcrafts, and so on. Dining areas can have historical antiques. Great design blends that will give off ‘interacting with our roots’ vibes are all expected this year.

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6. Multi-colored Window Designs

Window designs are vital in design creation. Windows have a huge influence on how a room looks. They can be draped, shaded, or patterned.  This year, different designs with mixtures of colors and textures will be made.

7. Earth-like Outlook

Most people spent more time outside than inside before COVID-19. Last year witnessed earthly pattern usage. But the 2022 trend hopes to incorporate a natural earth-like feel indoors. The different earth-like colors (like brown and green shades) will be mixed with colored patterns. The combination of these will give a cozy feeling.

8. Animal-Friendly Decorations

In 2022, home decorators are putting their pets into consideration. Pets are like families too. Therefore, it makes sense to extend comfort to them in a less disruptive way. Pets’ needs are put in mind when creating and decorating a space for them. Homeowners who own pets must-have furniture that is pet-friendly.

9. Multifunctional Spaces

The sentence ‘less is more’ is becoming more popular than ever. Homeowners have taken to resizing their homes creatively. They try to make their home have multiple functions. A sitting room can be divided into two. One part can be used to receive visitors. The other part can be used as a home office.

10. Curved Furnishings

Curved tables, chairs, cupboards, drawers, bedposts are the rage now. They look chic and safe because the edges are not sharp. The curved features make them desirable in a home with kids. The furniture also comes in vibrant or cool colors.

The Bottom Line

It is wonderful to decorate your home beautifully and comfortably. However, don’t forget to make it a bright and safe environment for you and your family.

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